I’m Natalie. I am not an avocado – surprise!

I am a home cook who grew up on a lot of processed food. Luckily for my family and I, we all eventually learned better. Otherwise, my brother and I might be orange from all the processed cheese food we’d have eaten by now. Instead, I now have a favorite olive oil and a second favorite olive oil. I have the patience to use medium and low heat. I have three different spatulas and I use them all.

I’ve called the Bay Area my home for more time than I haven’t. Living here means I can find pretty much any ingredient I need for any recipe, and for nights I’m not cooking, there are too many places to enjoy a good meal. I might be heard bemoaning how long I’ve been on my feet, chopping this, slicing that, waiting for some dough or other to double in size, but, really, I wouldn’t have it any other way. A tasty meal is one of my greatest pleasures.

Some of the dishes featured on this site, some in their early forms, were made many apartments ago in kitchens smaller than a coach seat on an airplane, on stove tops that didn’t have space for two big pots at the same time, or room for two people to stand in without making each other mad. So this site is something like a memory holder. Welcome! Hopefully you’ll make your own tomato soup and sweet potato cake memories, too.