Sugar Cookies


Two days and counting until one of the top five class parties of the school year! As middle and high schoolers walk around with helium balloons, flowers, candy and stuffed animals, their elementary school compatriots will be storming the playgrounds with red and pink food coloring staining their lips and fingers, racing after each other and nothing in order to work off the rush they don’t even realize they have. I am not sorry to be missing this classroom extravaganza celebrating sugar and more sugar (with maybe a few mandarin oranges thrown in for good measure). Valentine’s Day at elementary schools is also one of the top five unofficial Pintrest-Parent-How-Can-I-Outdo-All-the-Other-Parents events of the academic year as well. There will be googly eyes. God bless our teachers and custodians. For them, February 14 is a day where they must show their mettle. Continue reading “Sugar Cookies”

Erika Brownies


The last school I worked at as a teacher moved three times in the four years I was there, almost shut down once, and started out with a principal who would literally hide or leave campus when he wanted to avoid certain people. It was a small school with giant problems. IĀ did, though, make some lifelong friends there (hey guys!), and as part of the leadership team, I got to eat more than my fair share of Erika brownies. Once I left, every teacher I ever coached got the gift of Erika brownies at one time or another. A 2×2 sweet to help take a little of the edge off, because you can’t (and shouldn’t) drink liquor in your classroom. Or get a massage there (as a teacher you may not be able to afford that). So let’s face it, emotional eating is the way to go for stress relief if your life is ruled by the bell, or even if you’ve just heard about bells. That’s enough. You’re in. Have one. Continue reading “Erika Brownies”

Kale Caesar Salad (with vegan caesar dressing!)


I know, I knooow! KALE! Another kale recipe. Not from me, specifically, but from anyone. There are at least 2 billion kale chip recipes out there right this very second, at least! But kale works great with this thick and creamy dressing. It tastes like “the real thing.” Vegans must get so tired of people saying things like that. I can’t help the comparison, though. Continue reading “Kale Caesar Salad (with vegan caesar dressing!)”

Savory Drop Biscuits

vegan savory biscuit

I am just a few days away from the conclusion of my Veganuary efforts. I am still hungry a lot of the time, and yes, I know, you level 10 vegan, that that means I’m doing it wrong. And thank you, level 5 vegan, for reminding me that there’s a learning curve for this kind of change and that with more research and practice (and restaurant prepared meals), anyone can be full and happy as a veganator. These easy vegan biscuits are a tasty (and easier to make) alternative to your traditional butter biscuit, and they are definitely part of my small vegan repertoire that will be sticking around. Continue reading “Savory Drop Biscuits”

Chickpea Noodle Soup


I’m not sharing this with anyone, really, but I’ll tell you. I decided to do Veganuary. I had grand plans and grand hopes. I am hungry and bored.

I’m not done, though! I’m seeing this through! Challenging my cooking and eating habits, and my eating ethics, has been a worthwhile exercise, bringing with it some learnings well worth the frustrations. I’ll have more to say about this after I see it all the way through, no doubt. Now about this soup… Continue reading “Chickpea Noodle Soup”

Sweet potato cake with marshmallow topping

On October 1 I went to a nearby store on a butter run. When I walked in, there were pumpkins everywhere. There were fake spiders almost everywhere. The place looked so different, I was a little disoriented. Should I be wearing something different? Am I invited to whatever is happening here? Wait, what am I doing here again? Where’s the eggnog? If October 1 is the official beginning of the holiday decoration rush, I can sure deal with that. Frankly, I was relieved not to see anyone wearing reindeer ear headbands and jingle bells on satin strings around their necks just yet. I guess everyone is taking their time this year. Continue reading “Sweet potato cake with marshmallow topping”


I know, I know. What is a popover? Well, to begin with, they’re a great replacement for the traditional (often unexceptional) dinner roll. They are fun to eat because parts of them are totally hollow while other parts of them have a little bready heft. They pair beautifully with butter. They are excellent to have around if you’re planning a night of feeding your feelings or binge watching television with a steady supply of food for moral support. In conclusion, they are food friends. Continue reading “Popovers”