Spring herb salad with mint vinaigrette


This is one of my favorite salads. I know how that sounds (Yeah, I know this really cool woman – she has a favorite salad!), but does it help if I tell you that I have only 4 favorite salads? I like plenty of other salads, but this is one of the ones I love. It’s more exciting than your standard issue “lettuce and friends” salad, and is perfect for a little showing off at dinner parties or in your bid to be queen of the new barbecue side salads. Continue reading “Spring herb salad with mint vinaigrette”

Mexican rice


Growing up, we called it “red rice,”  and it was special because it was made in a pan instead of a small pot, and you put all kinds of stuff into it instead of just a bit of salt and a pat of butter like we’d do with plain white rice. Leftovers, if we manged any, were treasured, heated, and placed in tortillas with avocado, or, as I got older and lost my fear of chiles, some salsa. Continue reading “Mexican rice”

Socca with rainbow chard


I love these. Pretty much anything with chickpea flour is going to be a winner with me. And we’re throwing greens on top? Heck yeah! In Provence, these simple, thin flatbreads are called socca. Just over the border in Liguria, they are called farinata. You can make small socca like I do for this recipe, or you can make large pieces that you slice up for sharing. On their own, socca are relatively simple in flavor, and given that, the addition of any herbs or spices really stands out. In this case, just a few grinds of black pepper are easy to notice, as is the chickpea flavor and the little bit of tumeric. All the flavors get to shine in this dish. Continue reading “Socca with rainbow chard”

Guacamole primer


This post is half recipe, half PSA. Guacamole is a simple food. Its recipe should not have a long list of ingredients or steps in the method. There are definitely tasty ways I like to “spice it up,” but the most basic, and still delicious, version of guacamole includes just 3 ingredients: avocados, lime juice and salt. And there is one thing a good guacamole will never have: sour cream! (or even a substitute like real Mexican crema, or mayo – never, or, ugh, yogurt). I can already hear some of you saying, Well who made you the guacamole policía? Well let me tell you, chica – I was born to it. Continue reading “Guacamole primer”

Kale Caesar Salad (with vegan caesar dressing!)


I know, I knooow! KALE! Another kale recipe. Not from me, specifically, but from anyone. There are at least 2 billion kale chip recipes out there right this very second, at least! But kale works great with this thick and creamy dressing. It tastes like “the real thing.” Vegans must get so tired of people saying things like that. I can’t help the comparison, though. Continue reading “Kale Caesar Salad (with vegan caesar dressing!)”

Savory Drop Biscuits

vegan savory biscuit

I am just a few days away from the conclusion of my Veganuary efforts. I am still hungry a lot of the time, and yes, I know, you level 10 vegan, that that means I’m doing it wrong. And thank you, level 5 vegan, for reminding me that there’s a learning curve for this kind of change and that with more research and practice (and restaurant prepared meals), anyone can be full and happy as a veganator. These easy vegan biscuits are a tasty (and easier to make) alternative to your traditional butter biscuit, and they are definitely part of my small vegan repertoire that will be sticking around. Continue reading “Savory Drop Biscuits”

Chickpea Noodle Soup


I’m not sharing this with anyone, really, but I’ll tell you. I decided to do Veganuary. I had grand plans and grand hopes. I am hungry and bored.

I’m not done, though! I’m seeing this through! Challenging my cooking and eating habits, and my eating ethics, has been a worthwhile exercise, bringing with it some learnings well worth the frustrations. I’ll have more to say about this after I see it all the way through, no doubt. Now about this soup… Continue reading “Chickpea Noodle Soup”