I know, I know. What is a popover? Well, to begin with, they’re a great replacement for the traditional (often unexceptional) dinner roll. They are fun to eat because parts of them are totally hollow while other parts of them have a little bready heft. They pair beautifully with butter. They are excellent to have around if you’re planning a night of feeding your feelings or binge watching television with a steady supply of food for moral support. In conclusion, they are food friends. Continue reading “Popovers”

Quinoa salad à la 1999

In 1999, before quinoa was common on even our Bay Area menus, I came across this recipe in the staff lounge of the Berkeley middle school I was working at as a first year teacher. This middle school’s garden and cooking program regularly fed the staff their leftovers in the lounge, accompanied by photocopies of the handwritten recipes students followed, prepared and shared. Continue reading “Quinoa salad à la 1999”

Charred padrón peppers: Impress yourself

Hot or not? Yes. No. Quite possibly.

For any of you who can’t tolerate the heat, these little padróns’ siren song is truly dangerous. Or so I hear. It is rare that I eat a padrón pepper that has any heat. But even the every once in a great while that I do, I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, but it’s been pretty mild and it certainly didn’t stop me from eating the whole batch of them all by myself (like the 15 or so I had during yesterday’s lunch). Continue reading “Charred padrón peppers: Impress yourself”

Fo’ sho’, fo’ sho’ pizza dough

When I was still an English teacher, I taught this one kid, who in his junior year answered, “Fo’ sho’, fo’ sho’,” in this really reassuring tone for nearly for every affirmative answer. I heard it so much, sometimes it slipped out of my mouth, too. And now, some years later, one of my weird things is private rhyming. Private rhyming? That does sound weird, you’re thinking. I know. It is. It might go something like this: Continue reading “Fo’ sho’, fo’ sho’ pizza dough”