Savory Drop Biscuits

vegan savory biscuit

I am just a few days away from the conclusion of my Veganuary efforts. I am still hungry a lot of the time, and yes, I know, you level 10 vegan, that that means I’m doing it wrong. And thank you, level 5 vegan, for reminding me that there’s a learning curve for this kind of change and that with more research and practice (and restaurant prepared meals), anyone can be full and happy as a veganator. These easy vegan biscuits are a tasty (and easier to make) alternative to your traditional butter biscuit, and they are definitely part of my small vegan repertoire that will be sticking around. Continue reading “Savory Drop Biscuits”


I know, I know. What is a popover? Well, to begin with, they’re a great replacement for the traditional (often unexceptional) dinner roll. They are fun to eat because parts of them are totally hollow while other parts of them have a little bready heft. They pair beautifully with butter. They are excellent to have around if you’re planning a night of feeding your feelings or binge watching television with a steady supply of food for moral support. In conclusion, they are food friends. Continue reading “Popovers”