Erika Brownies


The last school I worked at as a teacher moved three times in the four years I was there, almost shut down once, and started out with a principal who would literally hide or leave campus when he wanted to avoid certain people. It was a small school with giant problems. IĀ did, though, make some lifelong friends there (hey guys!), and as part of the leadership team, I got to eat more than my fair share of Erika brownies. Once I left, every teacher I ever coached got the gift of Erika brownies at one time or another. A 2×2 sweet to help take a little of the edge off, because you can’t (and shouldn’t) drink liquor in your classroom. Or get a massage there (as a teacher you may not be able to afford that). So let’s face it, emotional eating is the way to go for stress relief if your life is ruled by the bell, or even if you’ve just heard about bells. That’s enough. You’re in. Have one. Continue reading “Erika Brownies”