Sugar Cookies


Two days and counting until one of the top five class parties of the school year! As middle and high schoolers walk around with helium balloons, flowers, candy and stuffed animals, their elementary school compatriots will be storming the playgrounds with red and pink food coloring staining their lips and fingers, racing after each other and nothing in order to work off the rush they don’t even realize they have. I am not sorry to be missing this classroom extravaganza celebrating sugar and more sugar (with maybe a few mandarin oranges thrown in for good measure). Valentine’s Day at elementary schools is also one of the top five unofficial Pintrest-Parent-How-Can-I-Outdo-All-the-Other-Parents events of the academic year as well. There will be googly eyes. God bless our teachers and custodians. For them, February 14 is a day where they must show their mettle. Continue reading “Sugar Cookies”