Salted peanut butter cookies


Big, fluffy, peanut butter clouds. Peanut butter clouds with a sprinkling of salt. Few other foods can so easily kill the ugliness of the hangry person or cure you of your sugar jones…Actually, a lot of things could, but few could be made so quickly and easily from scratch in your own kitchen. Now that is satisfying. Continue reading “Salted peanut butter cookies”

Hasselnötsflarn – Hazelnut crisps


These cookies are the baked goods version of, “What, this old thing?” They’re good. They’re simple to make. You look good in them. I’m not totally sure about that last one, but one recipe yields so many cookies, you might be able to make a dress or something out of them. And if you did, yes – you’d look delicious. Continue reading “Hasselnötsflarn – Hazelnut crisps”