Spring herb salad with mint vinaigrette


This is one of my favorite salads. I know how that sounds (Yeah, I know this really cool woman – she has a favorite salad!), but does it help if I tell you that I have only 4 favorite salads? I like plenty of other salads, but this is one of the ones I love. It’s more exciting than your standard issue “lettuce and friends” salad, and is perfect for a little showing off at dinner parties or in your bid to be queen of the new barbecue side salads. Continue reading “Spring herb salad with mint vinaigrette”

Kale Caesar Salad (with vegan caesar dressing!)


I know, I knooow! KALE! Another kale recipe. Not from me, specifically, but from anyone. There are at least 2 billion kale chip recipes out there right this very second, at least! But kale works great with this thick and creamy dressing. It tastes like “the real thing.” Vegans must get so tired of people saying things like that. I can’t help the comparison, though. Continue reading “Kale Caesar Salad (with vegan caesar dressing!)”

Quinoa salad à la 1999

In 1999, before quinoa was common on even our Bay Area menus, I came across this recipe in the staff lounge of the Berkeley middle school I was working at as a first year teacher. This middle school’s garden and cooking program regularly fed the staff their leftovers in the lounge, accompanied by photocopies of the handwritten recipes students followed, prepared and shared. Continue reading “Quinoa salad à la 1999”