Socca with rainbow chard


I love these. Pretty much anything with chickpea flour is going to be a winner with me. And we’re throwing greens on top? Heck yeah! In Provence, these simple, thin flatbreads are called socca. Just over the border in Liguria, they are called farinata. You can make small socca like I do for this recipe, or you can make large pieces that you slice up for sharing. On their own, socca are relatively simple in flavor, and given that, the addition of any herbs or spices really stands out. In this case, just a few grinds of black pepper are easy to notice, as is the chickpea flavor and the little bit of tumeric. All the flavors get to shine in this dish. Continue reading “Socca with rainbow chard”

Charred padrón peppers: Impress yourself

Hot or not? Yes. No. Quite possibly.

For any of you who can’t tolerate the heat, these little padróns’ siren song is truly dangerous. Or so I hear. It is rare that I eat a padrón pepper that has any heat. But even the every once in a great while that I do, I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, but it’s been pretty mild and it certainly didn’t stop me from eating the whole batch of them all by myself (like the 15 or so I had during yesterday’s lunch). Continue reading “Charred padrón peppers: Impress yourself”